What would it look like, in Heaven, if the whole nation prayed at once?

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Broadcasting this message of HOPE to millions was just the beginning.

The Vision

America must have a spiritual awakening. This nation has a divine destiny, a purpose in fulfilling the Great Commission. The nations are now here. A national spiritual revival could trigger a global tsunamic of conversions.

Such transformational movements have always come on the wings of
public, united prayer.


Gerard Long

Former Executive Director of Alpha* USA, minister, evangelist, author, motivational speaker, and former banking executive. Long has over thirty years’ experience of bringing resources together to achieve a stated goal and, from his own encounters with God and deep brokenness, he has a passion for another awakening.

In 1980, Long had a powerful encounter with God that birthed his desperation for an awakening. After much prayer, he surrendered a promising athletic career and his business, hearing the call to move to London. There, he served as a co-pastor of a newly planted church and worked as a banker with HSBC, one of the largest banks in the world.

In 2001, on the strength of a powerful word from God and after much prayer, Long and his beloved wife Jeannie, moved their family to New York. They were humbled by God’s rich blessing in every part of their lives.

However, over an eight year period from 2005, Long endured catastrophic suffering in the suicide of their beloved youngest son Alex, his marriage nearly failing and the tragic death of their beautiful daughter Rebecca. In the depth of brokenness, his faith was challenged to the utmost and, journeying on, he now testifies to God’s faithfulness and his amazing love and grace.

In 2015, through their prayers and tears, Gerard and Jeannie birthed Awakening to God Ministries. Founded on Isaiah 61:1-4, their mission is to comfort the broken-hearted and to share the love and hope of the gospel with those who are suffering in the US and around the world.  

Gerard Long now partners with Prayer at the Heart in our desperate cry to God for another awakening. *Alpha is an introduction to Christianity supported by multi-denominational and non-denominational churches in over 169 countries.

A Word from our Vision Leader, Doug Small

Founder of Prayer at the Heart

Doug Small President Project Pray ProjectPray Church of God

It is an extraordinary privilege to be a part of the national virtual prayer meeting – an opportunity for believers and leaders to connect in simple, earnest, passionate prayer for the only hope our nation has – that God will intervene, in behalf of His own purposes, and send a revival to the church and a spiritual awakening to the culture. The good news is that God has done this for us in the past – we have seen great spiritual awakenings that changed the direction of the nation and altered its very ethos. Now we need another divine intervention, one that awakens spiritual and moral sensibilities and confronts the nation with the reality of a living, sovereign and holy God. Such spiritual epiphanies don’t happen in a vacuum. They are associated with prayer, with brokenness, with deep repentance, with some kneeling form who thereby declares God to be the only solution. That’s why I want to be a part of this virtual prayer effort.

P. Douglas Small
President, ProjectPray
Church of God, Prayer Coordinator

On July 23rd with thousands in attendance at the georgpahical heart of our nation, we broadcasted our message of hope to millions around the gloibe.

Watch this 1-hour recap.

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