Outreach Support Materials

Below is an outreach strategy created to help you communicate with your connections. This is a tried and true method that you can execute with new contacts and even your closest connections.


Order of Outreach:

For email sent - copy and paste the text in the documents and paste that to your email. (don't send the file via email)

  • Snail mail and email a PRESS RELEASE
  • Mail and Email our INTODUCTORY LETTER - Enclosed in the snail mail should be our STANDARD FLYER  and our PRAYER AT THE HEART FLYER
  • Follow up phone call within hours of sending out the first email. Introduce yourself - share that you've sent emails - Ask if there's a chance for the pastor/leader to schedule a 15 minute call to discuss how we can partner together.
  • A few days later we need to follow-up with another phone call.

The goal of the communication? Set up a 15-minute meeting between someone from APM or the person making the ask on behalf of APM and then setup a formal interview and coverage of our events.

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